Our Story

Cats Wearing Hats is an apparel company that creates witty and creative clothing for you and your pets to make you laugh. We're dedicated to putting smiles on your faces and warm positivity in your hearts.
Our product designs may be light hearted and carefree but our company mission is 100% serious. We are passionate about spreading positivity through gratitude and humor. We will constantly add new and creative products to our collection, ranging from tee shirts, sweatshirts, tanktops, hats/beanies, socks, pet-themed jewelry, tote bags, stickers, phone cases and a variety of homewares such as coffee mugs, tapestry, pet beds, and so much more! If you can think of it, we're planning to have it!
Oh. And let's not forget the most important product of all... Hats for your cats! Cause why the heck not? Don't worry dog lovers, your dogs can wear them too! We'll also have pet apparel, costumes, and other essential pet products that will make both you and your pawsome companion happy.

Three Brothers On A Mission To Give Back To Their Community
Tu, Daniel, and Alvin Bui

Part I : Humble Beginnings
The Bui Brothers' first entrepreneurial venture was selling Pokemon cards in 1999. Their business model was simple - buy a pack of Pokemon cards from the local trading card store, walk 2 hours across town to a high demand neighborhood and sell the holographic card to the highest bidder.
Alvin, Daniel, and Tu are Vietnamese-American serial entrepreneurs and Army Blackhawk helicopter pilots. Their family immigrated to the United States in 1994 and has been putting in the work for more than two decades to create a better life for both current and future family members. With a constant hunger for success and a persistent mindset, the young trio began their journey to entrepreneurship.
Each individual brother has experienced their fair share of failures and successes through their own entrepreneurial projects. Alvin focused on his salesmanship through real estate, Daniel focused on buying items in flea markets and garage sales and flipping them for a profit on eBay while Tu focused on designing websites for local businesses and selling virtual currencies from online video games. The brothers had one goal - to become financially self-sufficient and to lessen the financial burden for their parents.
Part II : Military Path
The trio decided to capitalize on their insane work ethic and enlisted in the Army in late 2008-2009. As young enlisted soldiers, they each left for basic combat training and advanced job training for their respective specialties. After completing their training and reporting to their respective units in NJ, the brothers continued their hustle and resumed their entrepreneurial projects.
In 2014, the Bui Brothers were given the opportunity to attend the US Army Warrant Officer Career College together and earn their commissions for a chance to become Army Blackhawk helicopter pilots. After nearly 18 months of nonstop academics and flight training, they graduated US Army Flight School together and became the first trio of brothers to become Army Aviators at the same time.
You can read more about their journey to become Aviators here: CLICK HERE
Part III : Back to the Business Grind
While the brothers were focusing on their flight training, the older siblings were focusing on building the family business and creating their own brand of nail polish. After coming back home, they immediately transitioned from the fast paced military world to the nonstop 18 hour hustle of the business world.
The brothers took everything they've learned from their experience in the military and business to lead their family venture on the path to success. With Daniel as the company CEO, the brothers began to strategically and efficiently accomplish sales objectives and goals. Alvin, as the Chief Operating Officer led the shipping & logistics team and managed daily operations. Tu, as the Chief Brand Officer and marketing director reinforced the company brand by delivering valuable content on social media.
In addition to growing the family company, the trio maintains their Army Aviation careers and flies on a consistent basis with the NJ Army National Guard.
Part IV : Finding Ways to Give Back
By recognizing how far they've come from selling Pokemon cards to flying military helicopters to growing a real business, the Bui Brothers are grateful for the opportunities America has given them and their family. As entrepreneurs, they simply can't stop the constant need to create value and solve problems within their communities.
To show gratitude and to set an example for the next generation in their family, they've decided to work together on a mission to contribute to America's efforts on helping both homeless military Veterans and abandoned animals.
In honor of Veteran's Day, November 11th, 2016, Tu established Cats Wearing Hats and proudly announced the company's mission to help our fallen comrades, homeless military Veterans AND homeless cats/dogs alike. The catchy brand name will make you smile but the company's mission will warm your heart.
We ask YOU, members of our community, no matter who you are or where you're from, to join us, support our cause and follow our story. As human beings with a sense of duty, we have a direct responsibility to help those who've been abandoned by society. Every one of us at some point in our lives has needed a helping hand to get back on our feet.
It's time for us, as individuals to pay it forward and give back to our communities - to extend our helping hand to those who've fallen and have been abandoned, to reach for their hands (or paws) and give them the love and care that they deserve.
Our mission is to provide the community with purpose, direction, and motivation and to create a culture of gratitude by staying true to our 51/49 principle of always giving more than you take.
51/49 - Always Giving More Than You Take
We will donate 51% of the proceeds from every order to non-profit veterans and animals organizations that are dedicated to helping homeless veterans and abandoned animals.
Yep. You read that correctly, 51%. By leading the charge on both efforts, we hope to influence our communities to join us in doing more and giving more. We were inspired by our community members that are constantly giving back and helping others. By following their examples we decided to go above and beyond the call of duty to always give more than we get.
We understand that you may have questions or doubts but we plan on putting your minds at ease by being completely transparent about our donation details in our blog posts and newsletters. We know that actions speak louder than words and we plan on fully executing and accomplishing the mission, no matter what it takes.
We are currently looking for veteran's and animal's charities to work with. If you would like to recommend one, please email us at contact@catswearinghats.com
Hey everyone, it's Tu (yep it's really me typing this).
Thank you for taking the time to read about our story and our mission and making it all the way down here. I'm truly grateful for every opportunity that has been presented to me and my family. It is a great honor and privilege to be able to fly helicopters for one of the greatest organizations in the world. To be able to work alongside brave and courageous men and women everyday is a blessing and it's a great feeling that I will never forget. Not only that but I get to work alongside my older brothers Alvin and Daniel.
Through our Warrior Ethos mentality, we were able to overcome our own individual obstacles as well as collectively coming together to always getting the mission done - no matter how small or big it is.
To show our gratitude, we started to plan out what we can do to give back to the community, especially the Veterans community. America and its Veterans has given us so much, so naturally the right thing to do is to give back and serve those who've served us faithfully.
In the military, we were instilled with discipline to always act with integrity and live by the Warrior Ethos through our actions.
The Warrior Ethos states:
I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a fallen comrade
It is the last statement that has resonated with me since I started basic training at 18 years old. That no matter what, we should dedicate our lives to others and be ready to help those in need at any given moment.
America's homeless veterans are our fallen comrades. They have served us faithfully and now it's time to give back and serve them.
And because we're ambitious entrepreneurs and like to think big, we've decided to add our pawsome furry comrades to the list of those to help. We hope that by working with our communities and different veterans and animals organizations, we can create a program to provide homeless veterans with his or her own rescued companion as well as a home for them to start their new lives together.
Through our entrepreneurial and military backgrounds, our team is motivated to join the effort and cause to end veteran homelessness and providing them with their own rescued companion.
Thank you again for taking the time to read our story and welcome to the Cats Wearing Hats Family! Please share with your friends and families!
With love and gratitude,

Tu Bui
Founder and CEO
If you would like to personally contact me, please e-mail me at tu@catswearinghats.com